Locals try to save the Skowhegan Drive-In

SKOWHEGAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Skowhegan Drive-In is in dire straits. While most movie theaters have made the switch to digital projectors, the drive-in is still operating on old-fashioned 35 millimeter film reels, a technology that could be obsolete in the next few years. If the theater can't raise the money to convert, it might mean the end of the Drive-In.

"It would really be a loss to me personally to lose this on my watch," owner Don Brown said.

Since the 1950s, lots of locals have made memories at the Drive-In, and they're hoping it'll still be around for the next generation.

"I pulled in here today, and I got emotional, because you see all these posts, the crookedness of it all. It's nothing fancy, but it's the past," Laura Benedict of Red Barn Cares Foundation said. "I have so many memories because of places like this, and we can't lose this."

Drive-in fans want to keep that classic experience alive.

"It's not just staying inside a theater," Joe Brown explained. "You go outside and you're with your family, and you can get popcorn and candy."

"My dad only had enough money for one, and there were ten of us in the trunk of the Caddy," Benedict said. "And all 10 of us come climbing out of the Caddy and we're sitting there, and the guy at the booth is going, 'wait a minute, I thought they only payed for two.' You have to do things like this. You're in Maine. You have to improvise.>

With the community's support, Don Brown says he believes the Drive-In will be around for years to come.


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