Position important in avoiding garden groans

(NEWS CENTER) -- Flowers, fruits and vegetable season is just getting underway, but for the home gardener, tending to the yard poses the potential for back injuries. May Brunet from Back in Motion Physical Therapy said that even though getting outside early is appealing, it is better to wait.

"There's some fluid in your back that needs to get out and your spine needs to settle," she said.

She said to wait at least 30 minutes before yanking any weeds. Once outside, there are several poses that alleviate pressure on the back. Many people like to stand straight and bend at the hips. Brunet said this puts a lot of stress on the lower back. There are several alternatives.

1. Bending the knees and leaning on forearm on one leg, to support the body

2. Kneeling on one knee and leaning a forearm on the horizontal hamstring.

3. Both knees on the ground and one arm down for support, leaving the other to garden.

These simple tweaks will helping gardeners avoid injury, while allowing the gardener to be efficient.


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