Atwood shares tick tips

(NEWS CENTER) -- Tick season is underway and Diane Atwood shared some simple but important information to keep the blood sucking bugs off.

Atwood said that where most people get ticks is right in their own backyard. Ticks carry Lyme Disease so it is necessary for people to check their bodies, their kids and pets carefully after spending time outdoors.

Easy to miss places include:

• Under your arms

• Behind your knees

• Between your legs

• In and around your ears

• In your belly button

• In your hair.

Years ago when Atwood was headed to an interview with a doctor for a story unrelated to Lyme disease. She was in the car with one of the photographers when she noticed a big grey blob on his neck.The blob was a fully engorged tick. As soon as they arrived at the doctor's office, Atwood asked the doctor to remove the tick. Apparently the doctor had never removed one before and Atwood said it didn't go well.

To remove a tick, Atwood said use pointed tweezers, grasp the tick close to the skin and pull gently upward until the tick lets go.

Atwood has written two blog posts on her site about ticks.

How to Recognize a Deer Tick and Protect Yourself Against Lyme Disease. It includes a tick identification card from Mainely Ticks and a direct link to the tick ID lab.

One Man's Ongoing Struggle with Lyme disease

Visit her site to read the stories and learn more about her health mission.


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