Tornado tears through Limerick

6:07 PM, Jul 22, 2010   |    comments
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LIMERICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The National Weather Service has confirmed what townspeople have suspected - a tornado tore through their town on Monday evening.  Trees, some a couple feet thick in diameter, were tossed aside or snapped like twigs, bringing down powerlines and telephone poles.

"It just kept building and building and building and it just got crazy and I just heard trees crashing," explained Jason Perry who watched as the storm ravaged his family's farm.  "I just came outside a few minutes later and it was just carnage, it was just absolute and complete carnage."

While there were several trees that came down on his property, there was little damage to his house.  Dozens of trees, along with about a quarter mile of poles and wires fell on Patterson Road blocking him and his family from leaving their driveway.

"Within a minute it was built up gone and done - it was sunny again," stated Perry.  "Like nothing I've ever seen before, it was crazy."

The tornado carved about a two mile long path through the community, but it was not continous, as the twister jumped from spot to spot.

About three quarters of a mile from Patterson Road on Foss Road, Doug Corrigan was dealing with a mess of his own.

"Everybody is telling me I got it the worst," said Corrigan as he surveyed the damage to his property and home. "I got a five year supply of fire wood, that is what I can tell you."

Corrigan was out of town when he received a call that the roof of his home had been ripped off.

"The roof is about 500 yards away in the neighbor's property tucked in the woods," he said.  "There is insulation all the way up in the trees."

Neighbors worked to cover the home with a tarp, but the lightning was too dangerous and the heavy rains caused a lot of damage.

"The structure of the house is intact, which is really kind of amazing," said Corrigan.  He is insured, but still has a lot of work in front of him to get his house back in order, and he is not alone.


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