Madawaska man shares story of surviving on Mt. Katahdin

7:58 PM, Feb 21, 2011   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- A hiker is in the midst of recovering at Eastern Maine Medical Center after going missing at Baxter State Park over the weekend.

Twenty-one year old Chris Dubois of Madawaska was hiking with some friends on the mountain this past Saturday. They were coming down the Helon Taylor Trail when a strong wind knocked Dubois off the trail. Cut off from his group, he was left stranded on Katahdin overnight.

In that time, frostbite set in which caused his feet to freeze. Rescue crews eventually found Dubois on Sunday and he was airlifted off of Katahdin by the Maine Army National Guard.

"I mean there have been times... ya know you're like almost in a car accident or something... you're kind of like 'Oh, I coulda died there,' " Dubois said, "but this was one of those situations where it was just like 'I will die...right here.' So sitting here now... with friends all feels very nice."

Since being hospitalized, Dubois' frostbite has healed considerably. There is optimism that he will make a full recovery.


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