Baby born in food bank parking lot

2:41 PM, Mar 18, 2011   |    comments
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AKRON, Ohio (CNN) -- We've all heard of special deliveries, but it's safe to say one Ohio family has a birth story to remember.  

A very pregnant Erika Ostapowicz was at her weekly doctor's visit Wednesday when she felt like she was having contractions.  

Her doctor told her since her water hadn't broken, she should have plenty of time to get to the hospital.
But even doctors aren't right  all  the time!

Erica and her husband were on the road when she felt the baby coming.  Her husband called 911, and dispatchers told him to pull the car into a safe place. That turned out to be the parking lot of a food bank.  

"When we got out here. We could quickly see there was a woman who was getting ready to have a baby. The paramedics were there right away when we got outside, and they just jumped right into action," said Dan Flowers of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank.

 "She walked over, opened the door and I said, 'I have to push.' and she said, 'Go ahead." And she caught her. She caught her. I mean it was just like a pop and that was it," said Ostapowicz. 

Mom and baby Kendel are both doing just fine.  They are expected to leave the hospital in a couple days.  


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