Oxford County adds City Watch notification system

6:57 PM, Mar 22, 2011   |    comments
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SOUTH PARIS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Officials in Oxford County are putting the finishing touches on a new notification system that will alert residents to emergency situations.

When it's up and running the system will allow officials to send out warnings and notifications quickly by phone, text messages and e-mails.

In the basement of the county building in South Paris, emergency responders and workers with the local Emergency Management Agency are learning the ins and outs of the new City Watch system. Soon officials in all of the counties 35 towns will be briefed on using it.

The system will allow them to send out notifications to all of the counties residents at once, or to a specific community or neighborhood where a situation is underway or about to unfold.

"If we knew a tornado was coming and that was the path of the tornado we call everyone in the path of that tornado and say its time to hunker down, get into your basements or bathtubs, whatever is appropriate", said Scott Parker, Director of the Oxford County Emergency Management Agency.

While the system will used mainly as a public safety tool, it could also be used to alert people of cancellations of community meetings or school closures.


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