Neighbors pull escaped pet alligator from Kansas pond

4:24 PM, Jul 22, 2011   |    comments
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DERBY, Kan. (NBC) -- The alligator saga is over for a neighborhood near Derby, Kansas.

The reptile was captured Wednesday night by two residents who live near the pond the alligator had been spotted in.

"He popped up," said Dennis Moon. "It was either a bull frog or the alligator, and it was the alligator."

Moon was among the many Huckleberry Estates residents gathered in the area Wednesday evening.

It was around 9:30 when he spotted the gator.

Moon told his buddy Boyd Altman about his discovery and Altman grabbed his fishing pole.

"A lizard jig," Moon said. "First cast he bit into it, and we caught him."

After getting the alligator on land, Moon and Altman used a trash can to corral it and calm it down.

"He maybe rolled once or twice," Moon said. "We tried to keep him calm. He was more scared of us."

The two men were then able to get the jig out of the gator?s mouth. A bit later, the pet's owner came to the area and claimed it. The capture ended a week-long saga in which residents of the subdivision scoured the lake looking for the gator.

"An alligator in Kansas will get your attention," said Moon. "It's not like being in Florida."

The pet's owner, who doesn't want to talk to the media, has told residents the reptile escaped from a kiddie pool last Thursday.

Now the pet is back home, but the owner could be in some trouble. Gators are illegal in Sedgwick County and there could be a pretty hefty fine handed down.


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