Police intercept bath salts shipment to Fairfield shop

6:15 PM, Sep 13, 2011   |    comments
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FAIRFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Fairfield Police say they have seized a 200-packet shipment of bath salts worth $15,000 sent to a local business where officers seized 165 packets of the drug last week.

Police say while they seized the drugs last week, they learned about additional shipments that would be coming in.  Authorities say they listened in as Bargains 'R Us Owner John Linscott called his contact for the drug order.  Fairfield Police seized the additional shipments last Friday. 

Linscott has been charged with trafficking in bath salts, a synthetic drug that can cause hallucinations, and he could be facing additional charges.

"Since the law has been passed, that allowed us obviously to seize those, but before that, he was selling them legally, and we knew that he was selling them legally," Fairfield Police Chief John Emery said.  "He had been informed that the law would be coming out, and that he had to cease selling them, and apparently he ignored that law."

Bargains 'R Us Owner John Linscott declined to go on camera with us, but he maintained the same position as he did last week by saying he thought he was ordering the packets legally and he thought they didn't contain bath salts.    


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