Migraine patients finding relief from surgery offered in Bangor

4:27 PM, Nov 9, 2011   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Many people who struggle with the constant pain of migraines are getting relief from a surgical procedure, and one of the few places it can be found is right here in Bangor.

Dr. David Branch of "Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery" is one of the few doctors in the nation performing the surgery. The procedure, which was developed by a doctor in Cleveland, removes small parts of muscle in the head that can trigger migraines.

These muscles create pressure on the nerves that create migraine pain in what experts call 'trigger zones' such as the brow or the back of the head. Patients are first treated with Botox to see if paralyzing those muscles stops their migraines.

Dr. Branch has performed hundreds of surgeries over the last eight years. He says that many people have come great distances to get rid of their migraines.

"About half of our patients come from out of state," he said, " so we're just now starting to get more patients from the southern part of the state. I think the neurologists in the state are really starting to get on board...insurance companies are also finding that they will save a fair amount of money."

Dr. Branch says some patients who have had the procedure have left with a feeling of numbness and mild irritation in the areas that were operated on. In some cases, the numbness is a permanent side effect.   














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