Infant has army of support in battle against brain cancer

7:17 PM, Dec 16, 2011   |    comments
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Four month old Jameson Brooks, who is fighting brain cancer, finds comfort in his dad Justin's arms.
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  • PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Jameson Brooks has been fighting a courageous battle against brain cancer, with his family and members of the community supporting him every step of the way.

    When Jameson was just two months old he stopped eating and started getting sick every day.  Concerned about this suddent change in their baby, his parents took him to the hospital to get him checked out.

    Initially doctors thought the young boy had acid reflux, but while the medicine to fix that problem kept Jameson from being ill, his parents felt something still was not quite right.  The sought a second opinion, but were shocked when their doctor told them their child had brain cancer.

    "We thought that he was going to say, 'oh, he's sick or whatever'.  We definitely didn't expect that," said Kristen Brooks.  "The hardest part for me is pretty much, being a mom, it is hard to know that it is really beyond your control."

    For much of the past month, Jameson has undergone test after test and endured two surgeries on his brain.  Doctors at the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital consulted with colleagues around the nation to determine what type of cancer the four month old has and the best method to treat it.

    "It's been hard, but he's strong though," stated Kristen.  "His tumors aren't getting any bigger.  They are not spreading anymore, which is good because he is only four months old and he has like 11 tumors throughout his brain and spine."

    Despite all the procedures, Jameson has been able to keep his spirits, and those of his family, up.

    "He's a happy kid, most of the time," said Jameson's dad Justin Brooks.  "He is just always smiling and laughing, up until recently anyway."

    Jameson's family has set up a fund to help try and cover some of the costs of his medical treatment.

    "We don't even know what our insurance is going to cover yet, and each brain surgery is around $50,000," explained Justin.

    Members of their extended family and friends in their hometown of Boothbay Harbor have held a fundraising dinner and plan to do more. 

    The Brooks say they appreciate the support they have received, and understand many people are struggling these days.  They ask anyone who can donate to do so, and for those who'd like to help, but can't do so financially, send a prayer Jameson's way.

    On Thursday, the family had one of their prayers answered.  Doctors initially thought little Jameson had an aggressive form of cancer that may require the family leave Maine and their friends behind to seek treatment, but they now believe the cancer can be treated here in state and that Jameson has a fighting chance to recover.

    "I kept praying for the miracle and we got the miracle," said Dawn Gilbert, Jameson's great grandmother.  Now the four month old boy faces a long road ahead filled with tests, chemotherapy and possibly even more operations, but he has the support of his family and his community to help him battle on.




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