Portland Mayor Michael Brennan undergoes cancer treatment

11:32 PM, Dec 29, 2011   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Newly elected Portland Mayor, Michael Brennan, announced today that over the weekend he had surgery to remove a carcinoid tumor from his small intestine.

According to the City of Portland, Brennan had been seeking treatment for stomach cramps when the tumor was discovered. Brennan says that he will be seeking further, non-invasive, treatment for lesions found on the liver.

Communications Director, Nicole Clegg says Mayor Brennan is recovering comfortably at home and plans to return to work at City Hall  next week on a limited basis until he is fully recovered.

To read the City of Portland's complete press release see below:

December 29, 2011

Mayor Brennan Undergoes Treatment for Cancer, Prognosis Excellent

PORTLAND, Maine: Today, City of Portland Mayor Michael Brennan shared news that over the weekend he underwent surgery to remove a carcinoid tumor from his small intestine. Mayor Brennan sought treatment for recent stomach cramps two weeks ago, during which the tumor was discovered. The tumor was successfully removed and Mayor Brennan will seek additional, non-invasive treatment for lesions found on the liver. Due to the nature of this type of cancer, no chemotherapy or radiation will be necessary and according to his physician, his prognosis is excellent. Prior to this diagnosis, Brennan had received an excellent bill of health from his primary care physician during his annual exam in August.

"I am extremely grateful to my primary care practitioner, surgeon, nurses and other medical professionals who provided me with exceptional care and I thank them for their treatment and the compassion they extended to me and my family," stated Mayor Brennan.

"Cancer can be an extremely frightening diagnosis and I am fortunate to not only have a treatment plan with a very positive long term prognosis but as an insured American have barrier free access to the health care system. My personal story illustrates the fundamental need all Mainers have to be able to access the health care system when they need to. If I had waited or left this disease untreated, both the health consequences and cost of treatment would have been significantly greater."

"With nearly one in four Mainers living without health insurance, it's clear to me that we have a moral responsibility to develop policies and strategies that ensure that everyone has access to high quality care including prevention and diagnostic services. The simple truth is that tens of thousands of Americans will find themselves in the same situation today, tomorrow, or the next day and they should be afforded the same level of care I have been fortunate enough to receive. Lack of health insurance should not force anyone to make a choice between a visit to their primary care physician and groceries or child care or heating oil."

Mayor Brennan was released from Maine Medical Center yesterday and is recovering comfortably at home. He intends to return to City Hall next week on a limited basis until he is fully recovered from the surgery.

Nicole Clegg
Director of Communications
City of Portland




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