U. Maine students offering free tax counseling

8:02 PM, Feb 3, 2012   |    comments
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ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- If you're going through the seasonal pain of trying to get your taxes done, you might want to consider stopping by the Orono Public Library on Fridays.

Accounting students at the University of Maine are once again providing free tax help this year by filing federal and state tax returns for people with low to moderate levels of income.

Each year the students volunteer their time after taking a course in tax law. They will be filing returns by appointment only and all documents will be approved by a professor before they are submitted to the Internal Revenue Service.

Organizers say your best bet is to make an appointment as early as you can and bring all the necessary information with you.

"Like your W2 forms...1099 forms... social security numbers for dependents...information on tuition fees paid for higher education," said Steven Colburn, who is a professor of accounting at the University of Maine and organizer of the tax help sessions, "It helps if you have all that together and have it organized...the process goes quicker." 

If you would like to make an appointment for tax help at the Orono Public Library on a future Friday, contact Steven Colburn at (207)581-1982 or send an e-mail to

Tax returns are due on Tuesday April 17 this year. The tax help sessions will be taking place at the library until April 13.



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