Hope man stands by Pats through good and ill

3:04 PM, Feb 6, 2012   |    comments
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HOPE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Among the millions of Patriots fans who vow to keep the flame burning for their team despite the Super Bowl loss is a dedicated man from the small town of Hope.

Paul Lewis says he's been a Pats fan since the team began in 1960. But on player caught his attention more than the rest: Teddy Bruschi.

That's clear from the signs outside Lewis' house. The number 54 sign went up some time ago when Bruschi suffered a stroke, but then was able to recover and make a comeback.

The sign has stayed there ever since, and Lewis adds other signs from time to time -- including the current one about Bill Belichek. It reads "B.B. says 'Do Your Job.'"

Paul Lewis has been facing his own challenges recently with prostate cancer. And every time he has gone for treatment, he's worn the Brushci shirt. He says its a way to share his favorite player's strength.

"If you stay positive and surround yourself with positive people you stand a good chance," says Lewis.


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