Hyde pride keeps fans on their feet

6:35 PM, Feb 22, 2012   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Hyde School may be just a small campus located on the Maine coast in Bath, but when their fans hit the civic center at tourney time they are loud and proud.

The boarding school remains in session through the week where kids traditionally have a winter break, but when their team plays they board a bus and hit the arena.

The tournament is a chance for all 150 kids at the school to come together. Normally their schedules keep them from bonding as a big group, but that's different at the tournament.

"We have kids from California, we have a guy from Russia here with us right now," explains Senior Scott Georgaklis, "but when you are at Hyde you are treated like anyone else."

The chanting fans also help set the mood for the team.

"It can be kind of intimidating coming in here. It is not always the friendliest crowd coming in here for us and we have got our fans behind us helping us out," says Athletic Director Tyler Plourde.

"It is all about sportsmanship," says Junior Guard Tyquan Ekejiuba, "[the fans] have chants and stuff, but it is nothing against the other team, it is all in support of our team."

The kids get graded on how they conduct themselves at the tournament. It is part of an overall effort grade they get for school spirit and being a good citizen throughout the semester.


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