World's smallest puppy

12:06 PM, Apr 5, 2012   |    comments
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EL DORADO HILLS, Cal. (KCRA) - Tiny Beyonce is now listed as the world's smallest puppy by the World Record Academy and she has her own fan club.

Her mother came to the Grace Foundation as a very pregnant rescue dog.

When she delivered the first four puppies were healthy, but a vet had to do chest compressions on Beyonce.

Beth Decaprio, executive director of the foundation, has been mothering Beyonce ever since.

The puppy is now about a month old and she's just barely bigger than an iPhone.

Around 500 people have filled out applications to take her home, but Decaprio has a better idea than adoption.

"We've made a decision that it would be unfair to just have one person to have her instead we want everyone in the world to be able to continue to love her and watch her grow,? said Decaprio.

Beyonce will be a Grace Foundation dog and she'll have a big job as an ambassador for rescue dogs.

As a last chance shelter the ranch of the Foundation is inundated with pregnant dogs that otherwise would have been euthanized.

"We're really encouraging people if you love Beyonce go out to a shelter rescue a dog it may not be the smallest, but it may be the best ball chaser or have the biggest heart," said Decaprio.

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