Maine game warden writes humorous book

7:38 PM, Apr 23, 2012   |    comments
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Brooks, ME (NEWS CENTER)-- A retired Maine Game Warden has written a riotous memoir of his days in the field.  "Suddenly, The Cider Didn't Taste So Good," is a compilation of short stories by John Ford.

"I knew every day when I put my uniform on or every night when I put my uniform on that it was going to be like a movie," Ford told NEWS CENTER. He served on the Maine Warden Service from 1970-1990. Before joining the wardens, he was in the Air Force. After he left, he was elected Sheriff of Waldo County.

"I tell it like I saw it," Ford says of his book. He says he went to work with a brass compass, a thirty-eight revolver and a unique perspective. A few times, he was in life-threatening situations, but the book focuses on the more humorous adventures. They are told in a self-deprecating way with the warden often getting outsmarted by his adversaries.

The title comes from his work trying to stop some perspective poachers. They had piled apples near a tree stand with the idea of illegally shooting deer which came to feed. He would foil them by dropping by daily to urinate on the apples, his scent scaring the deer away.

Eventually, he dropped by their camp to see how their hunting season was going.  The group was drinking and offered him a beer. He said he couldn't drink alcohol on duty so they offered him apple cider.  

After a while, they told him they had made the cider from a pile of apples they found in the woods.  His reaction became the name of his future book. 

Ribald stories like this have caused more than a few laughs in the Maine's outdoor community and Ford is becoming a popular speaker at author venues around the state. His stories are quick, fun and easy reading. He will appear at the Portland Public Library on May 30.


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