Tech ideas for Father's Day

12:01 AM, Jun 18, 2012   |    comments
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The Kindle Fire vs. Nook

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Sunday is Father's Day and if you're still trying to come up with a gift, we've got some suggestions -- particularly if the Dad in your life is tech-savvy.

One of the most popular is the iPad. The base model costs $400. A less expensive option is the Kindle Fire, which costs about $200. 
You can watch video, can read books, play games, read magazines and it is in color. The original Kindle now costs just $80 -- that one is in black and white.


When it comes to video streaming devices, the best known is probably Apple TV, which has been given a little facelift this week from Apple -- it'll cost you about $100.

The Apple TV pulls video from iTunes store or from your home library off of your computer. You can also access Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo off of it. The cool thing about that is it will also use Airplay which can play something from your computer, iPhone or iPad.

The Roku is a cheaper alternative -- with options costing $70, $80 or $100. Each one offers different features but they are basically the same core machines. They are a strong choice if you're looking for a lot of options with streaming video. They can do Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Youtube and hundreds more apps. I recently found one where you can watch live TV from around the globe. The quality on the video will range, but it is worth looking into for a dad who wants more video choices. The only downside is making it work with iTunes.


For pure fun, there's the Helo TC App Controlled Helicopter.

It's basically a remote-controlled helicopter that you power through an app on your phone. It can be an Android or an iPhone. There are a lot of choices out there like this one. Some have a camera on them where you can watch the video as they fly and control them. Prices start at around $60. 


For just $2, you can turn Dad's phone into a veritable toolbox. Just download the iHandy Carpenter app.  It offers five tools: 
- Plumb Bob
- Surface Level
-Bubble Level
- Protractor
- Ruler

iHandy app

One final piece of gift-giving advice: consider a gift card to the app store or digital music store. 

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