How to edit a Facebook comment

9:07 PM, Jun 24, 2012   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) - How often do you mistype a comment on Facebook or wish you had not said what you just posted? Well, as of Thursday, Facebook will now let you edit your comments.

So what does this mean?

Well it's not as good as being able to edit your own status update, but it's the next best thing. Say you comment on a friend's post, or even one of your own and you make a typo. Well now you can just click a little box on the right and edit it. (It's worth noting that we could not do this on the mobile app.)

Facebook says they are always working to improve the site. They also say that some things are never complete.

Also this week, there was a report from USA Today showing a growing number of kids leaving Facebook and going elsewhere.
Tumblr, Foursquare and Google + report that their numbers are increasing among teenagers. The research firm YPulse says that 18% of teens prefer to check in on Foursquare over Facebook and say Pinterest is better for browsing.

What should parents know & do?

Mainly, just pay close attention. On Foursquare especially, you want to make sure those check-ins are private. Likewise with Instagram, which is also growing in popularity among teens. You want to check their privacy setting and know who they are sharing with and who is seeing what information.

What is it about Facebook that is driving them away?

I had one mom who works here at NEWS CENTER tell me that kids say it's because Facebook is so popular that everyone, parents, teachers and other adults included, are on it. Meanwhile, the other sites have fewer users, so they can say & do more on them and not worry so much about being "spied on" by adults. There seems to be a lot of kids moving over to Google + in particular. Parents may want to at least be more aware of the Google + world, which has recently gone through a big remodel and is seeing its usership grow all the time. Parents should also try to help kids understand the long term effect of having so many online profiles, and revealing too much information on them.



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