Saturday - June 30, 2012 at 7pm

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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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This week on Bill Green's Maine, we'll jump in on a science class that is launching a weather balloon into the stratosphere. We'll talk with Dr. Jenny Thompson, who has won more Olympic medals than any other American woman. And we're headed out on an Atlantic Adventure, deep sea fishing with Cap'n Jim

Show number 2012-10
Original airdate: June 30, 2012

Show notes written by Bill Green:

This was a wild show!!!!! That darn balloon story took up a lot of time and energy. Mr. Delcourt's class had a pretty good project and I wanted to cover it. Just like the early space program, they spent an awful lot of energy getting everything to go up when finding the thing when it came down would have made things a little bit easier! Still, what a fun project! As a guy who stands outside to watch the Space Station fly over, I can't tell you how thrilling this was. Next year, I want to be part of the chase team!

Jenny Thompson. What an athlete! How cool that she is living in Maine. How amazing that America's greatest ever swimmer applied herself to becoming a doctor. What a combination of the athletic ability and brains! I actually covered a couple of her homecomings in the 1990's and it was fun to get a chance to sit and talk with her.

And our final piece is on Cap'n Jim's Atlantic Adventures. Jim grew up on the waterfront and is a serious fishermen. He really put us on the fish and we had a great day on the water. For information about his service, check out the link below.

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