Breast cancer survivor program helps them thrive

12:56 PM, Jul 2, 2012   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine-- A new program at the Bangor Y helps Breast Cancer Survivors become thrivers. The program is called, Thrive with Exercise and it is put on by Caring Connections. The program helps individuals raise self esteem.

"I clearly have lost some agility, mobility as a result of both my age and my cancer treatments, that is why I enrolled." Said Pat Jenkins a Breast Cancer survivor. Pat is one of several people in the program. It is for breast cancer survivors who have completed their primary treatments.

Suzanne Brunner is the Director of Caring Connections. She said, "There is lots of research that demonstrates that exercise can help mitigate the problems with side effects that woman face as a result of treatment of breast cancer and also that there's evidence it reduces the reoccurrence of breast cancer in women."

The program focuses on weights, balance and cardio classes. Instructor Elizabeth young says the program allows women who had no control over the disease to now get control of their future.

Edwards said, "Now they have a say in what they can do with their body. Whether that'd be with weights, increasing strength, increasing cardio. A lot of them have told me that they can get through their days easier now because they are doing more of that cardio work and increasing their stamina."

Pat Jenkins says exercising with the group just makes it easier. "There is just something about being with other women, even though their diagnoses, their treatments are slightly different, we really kind of understand each other. It's a really safe, comfortable place and you know this program is designed for us, again for both our age and our general condition."  

If you are interested in more about the program you can contact the Bangor Y at 941-2808 or you can click on the link below.

















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