New fireworks law still confuses some people

6:12 PM, Jul 5, 2012   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--Police departments around the state were busy Wednesday night responding to calls related to fireworks complaints.

In Bangor, It's illegal to light fireworks but across the river in Brewer it is legal. Both Police departments say they had a number of calls either on noise complaints or from people just asking dispatchers which kind of fireworks are legal.

Sergeant Paul Edwards with the Bangor Police Department said, "People seem to be doing pretty well with it. No one has been summonsed or issued a citation to court. But I think they understand the rules that basically you can't shoot them off in Bangor, at least the consumer grade fireworks. The problem becomes when you cross the bridge you can do that. And there's stipulations about your own property and certain times. I can see where there is some confusion between Bangor and Brewer."

Lieutenant Chris Martin with Brewer P.D. says they too recieved a number of calls. Martin said," For the most part it was people complaining about the noise and the hour of the night after 10. There were people asking questions about if they are prohibited for use in Brewer and there were complaints about these being set off in public areas such as sidewalks, middle of roadways or the middle of traffic. So, there was a whole host of complaints we received."

Martin says he believes more training will be helpful for all agencies dealing with the enforcement of fireworks issue.


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