It's getting hot in here...

1:23 PM, Jul 6, 2012   |    comments
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Man, remember when Nelly was cool?

Yeah, me neither.

Moving right along..the air mass in place across Maine has become increasingly humid over the past 12 hours and that trend will continue through the first half of the weekend. At last check the dew points (if you missed my Ask Keith segment last night, check it out because it explains the difference between dew point and relative humidity) were hovering in the upper 60s across southern and central Maine. Residents of states with Jack in the Box and Popeye's Chicken at every corner would scoff at those readings, but as far as the Northeast is's super sticky.

Look for mostly sunny skies through the rest of this afternoon with temperatures topping out in the low to mid 80s in most spots. Again, the humidity will be the biggest change between today and the past few.

Tonight will be an AC night if you've got it (again women, your husbands goal with the air conditioner is to make you compare the bedroom to some type of frozen object...preferably a whole box of ice) as most of the evening will be spent in the 70s. There is a VERY outside chance for a shower, but we are talking 10% at worst. The rest of the evening will be partly cloudy.



A warm front will be stalled over northern Maine on Saturday so look for hazy, hot and humid conditions. I don't think we'll see a TON of sunshine because the warm front will generate some morning clouds and then the trailing cold front will swing through during the afternoon with some thunderstorms. In between will be the hottest part of the day with highs likely to push into the low 90s in many spots. Any time after noon, however, be on the lookout for some showers and storms, particularly north of Bangor. I don't foresee an organized line of thunderstorms developing because the cold front is washing out a bit as it pushes east.

The previously mentioned front will swing offshore by late Saturday night and usher in a more agreeable air mass.

Sunday will be cooler and drier as a result. High temperatures will push into the upper 70s to low 80s with considerably less humidity. I think for MOST Mainer, this is the better of the two weekend days.

That trend of seasonable, dry and sunny weather continues straight into Wednesday with our next chance of precipitation coming on Thursday afternoon.

Nerd Note: It's kind of interesting that we are getting some classic summer weather via a very NON-classic synoptic setup.

Why whatever do you mean dearest Keith? Well usually you look for a big ridge of high pressure over the Atlantic, referred to as "The Bermuda High", to set up. This brings dry conditions to much of the eastern seaboard while also pushing into warmer air on south-southwest winds. In the case of our recent pleasant stretch of weather...we've been fairly "troughy." Meaning we are generally under the influence of a larger area of low pressure to the north. Eight out of ten times that's a bad thing and brings cool/wet weather...but this time around we've been JUST far enough away from the center of the low to stay relatively dry and benefit from a broad westerly flow. It's the same deal next week, I'm forecasting sunny weather from Sunday through Wednesday without any real ridge of high pressure in the vicinity. Some would call that crazy, but I say "lock it in" and enjoy the summer of 2012.

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