Video shows trooper stopping wrong way driver on I-295

6:38 PM, Jul 18, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Maine State Trooper risks his own safety and makes a daring move to intercept a wrong way driver on a busy highway.

Trooper Douglas Cropper says luck was on his side that day. He says many things could have gone wrong, but in the end both he and the driver walked away from the incident unhurt.

It was a race against time and it was a race that Maine State Trooper Cropper won. In doing so he may very well have saved some lives.

It happened on June 29th. The trooper had a truck pulled over on I-295 in Portland when he saw a car traveling the wrong way, northbound in the southbound lane, on the highway.

So off the highway he went in attempt to cut the wrong way driver off. With the ramp back onto the highway closed off because of construction, the trooper had maneuver through traffic on Marginal Way.

With barely a second to spare he pulled into the cross over between the northbound and southbound lanes and stuck the nose of his cruiser out causing the wrong way driver to crash into him. No one was hurt.

"If I didn't get out there before him we would have been there for hours upon hours dealing with serious bodily injuries, possible multiple fatalities. it would have been a mess to clean up", Cropper said.

Things could have ended up differently. Trooper Cropper knows if he or the 88-year old driver of the car had been seriously hurt or killed, there would be plenty of second guessing. He says it's the kind of split second decision that law enforcement officers must make all the time.






































































































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