Maine golfers record two holes in one on same hole

6:59 PM, Jul 19, 2012   |    comments
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Falmouth, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Two Maine golfers have defied the odds by accomplishing a rare feat.

On Tuesday, Matt Parker of Falmouth and Travis Ferrante of Portland, both shot holes in one, just seconds apart from each other on the fourth hole at the Portland Country Club.

That had us wondering what are the odds of that happening.

A few years back "Golf Digest" magazine hired a retired chairman of the Boston University math department to do some calculations. Here's what he came up with.

The odds of a professional tour player getting a hole in in one, 3-thousand to 1. The odds of an average player making one, 12-thousand to 1. The odds of an average player making two holes in one in the same round more than 9-million to 1.... and the odds of what happened to Matt Parker and Travis Ferrante, two players from the same foursome getting holes in one on the same hole, 17-million to 1. 

"To think that people did it within 10-seconds of each other in the same group is just mind boggling and even more so that I was a part of it, because I am so awful at golf", said Matt Parker.

The odds of doing what these guys did are comparable to winning a single state lottery jackpot, but you won't see them running out anytime soon to buy tickets. That's because the odds of defying odds like that again are astronomical.












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