Gas prices soar above $4.00 across the state

5:57 PM, Sep 12, 2012   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--Gas prices are over the four dollar mark in Maine meaning gassing up will cause you to dig deeper into your wallet.

Some people in Bangor say they are traveling less and shopping more online so they don't have to buy gas. Other people told us they're considering buying a hybrid car.

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Salesmen at Darlings Automotive in Bangor say they only sell about two or three hybrids a month.

Many people are asking the questions why are gas price so high and what can be done about it? In August 2012, the Obama administration ushered in a new era of fuel efficiency standards.

By 2025, cars and light duty trucks will be required to get 54.5 miles per gallon. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says "These new standards are expected to promote innovation and the development of new technology."

The change is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save consumers more than $1.7 trillion at the gas pump and reduce U.S. oil consumption by 12 billion barrels.



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