Bucksport Regional Health Center spends $2.5 million on renovations

10:43 PM, Sep 12, 2012   |    comments
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BUCKSPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER)- Bucksport Regional Health Center will now offer medical, dental, and mental health services all under one roof. The two and a half million dollar renovation added an extra seven thousand and five hundred square feet.

Doctor Beth-Ann Lieberman, a family practice physician, said, "I really like to see the whole patient taken care of not just coughs and colds not just diabetes, but the emotional, mental and the physical parts all really come together because that's really what makes up the health of a person."

Bucksport Regional has served the community for nearly four decades and treated over eight thousand patients. President Obama commended the center on their work in the community just before he presented them with the grant for two and a half million dollars.

Executive Director, Jack Corrigan, was at the ceremony with the President and said, "He talked about community health centers...the very last one he talked about was Bucksport Regional Health Center. He told the entire audience that Bucksport Regional Health center is the model for the country."

Corrigan said the center had to keep their promise to provide integrated care, but not lose the community feel.

"They are our neighbors so they expect to be treated in a respectful way. We are bound and determined to give them the best that we know how to deliver," said Corrigan.

Dr. Lieberman agreed, "Lots of our patients we know their families, we know their children, we know their grandchildren. It has been really fun because they have lived through the building of this. It is like welcoming somebody into a home."

The center will offer education courses for the elderly and join the fight against childhood obesity. The doctors said it was to help sustain a healthy community.

"It isn't just a medical center. It's a place where people care for each other," said Corrigan.

The federal grant that helped pay for this addition is awarded to existing health centers that serve medically underserved populations.









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