Cats quarantined to prevent spread of ringworm and scabies

5:22 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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OLD TOWN, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Animal Orphanage in Old Town is used to putting cats in new homes, but for the past month, and the next couple of weeks it cannot adopt out any cats because they are being quarantined for ringworm and scabies.

One of the Animal Orphanage board members said about a month ago a kitten came into the orphanage with scabies and ringworm.

Veterinarian Chelsea Solon said ringworm can be spread to humans. Side effects of ringworm in people are lesions to the skin and red itchy spots. Solon said to prevent the spread of ringworm to people and other cats in the animal orphanage, it has to keep the cats quarantined until at least the end of September.

"It affects the cats with weakened immune systems more strongly and more quickly. So, shelter cats are under and their immune systems are already taxed by the change in their environment and exposure to other cats and so that's why it spreads like wildfire within a shelter," Solon said.

Solon said at the end of September, the cats will be tested to see if they have scabies or ringworm. If the tests come back negative the animal orphanage will be able to put the cats up for adoption.


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