Twelve homeless after weekend apartment fire

6:17 PM, Oct 8, 2012   |    comments
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PITTSFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Twelve people are homeless after a fire destroyed an apartment complex in Pittsfield over the weekend. The fire started on the top floor of the building after fire investigators say one resident left the stove unattended.

Dolores Larrabee was one of the displaced residents, "People were in the hallway and in the road screaming 'fire! fire!' On the third floor I saw flames shooting out."

Larrabee and her family, including her two and a half year old daughter, were left with nothing. The building is a complete loss and residents are left thinking what next.

Todd Nadeau with the Red Cross Pine Tree chapter said, "Having everything one hour and having nothing in the next...being out there in the freezing cold at three o'clock in the morning that's a traumatic situation."

The local Red Cross chapter sent a team of ten people, including five volunteers, to assist the residents. 

The residents were provided with clothes, food, and a room at a local hotel.  

Larrabee said it was the words of the volunteers and their quick action that helped ease the situation, "It really makes you realize that people do care."

"It doesn't matter what time the call comes in...we are there as soon as we can be," said Nadeau.

Fires are the most frequent disasters the Red Cross answers. Nationally, the American Red Cross answers nearly 70,000. The local Pine Tree chapter answered eighty-five.

This particular fire will cost anywhere from $2,500-$4,000 to provide the victims with basic necessities.

To donate to the American Red Cross or learn about ways to get involved visit their website.

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