Latest Senate debate focuses on business issues

4:18 AM, Oct 10, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Tuesday morning, the three campaign leaders in the race to succeed Senator Olympia Snowe debated at the "Eggs and Issues" forum.

Hosted by the Portland Region Chamber of Commerce, Secretary of State Charlie Summers, Former Governor Angus King, and State Senator Cynthia Dill spoke to local business owners about their approach to the country's economic issues.

Summers vowed to reduce the regulatory burden to keep taxes low and Dill wants to reform the tax code.  King said he opposes raising taxes, but wants to pay our country's bills and not leave a debt for future generations.  Each candidate was also asked how they felt the tone of the campaign has been thus far.  Money from outside sources quickly became the topic.

"And here we are, four or five million dollars later, and it's awful," King said. "I think what's going on in American politics with this outside money is one of the real problems.  It corrupts our politics, but it also makes it hard to work together when you go to Washington and have to work with somebody who's been spending millions of dollars to tell lies about you."

Summers said, "One of the most disappointing things about this process is Governor King took a pledge to the state of Maine that he would not run one negative ad during this campaign.  Yet he's the only one of the three of us standing here running negative ads right now, and I think that people are tired of politicians who will say one thing and do another."

Dill responded to the question by saying, "Regardless of the negativity drowning out our airwaves, that Maine people are not going to be fooled, tricked, or deceived into supporting somebody who doesn't have their interest at heart and who isn't in touch with their day to day lives."

King defended the ad that some call negative towards Summers, and said it was merely pointing out differences in policies.  He said the commercial that depicts him wearing a crown and calls him "king of mismanagement" is a negative ad.

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