First case of West Nile in Maine shouldn't bring scare

8:01 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
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ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Experts at the University of Maine say no one should worry about more cases of West Nile virus appearing in the state this year.

Maine saw its first human case of 'West Nile' in October. The virus is spread by mosquitoes after they bite infected birds.

The virus can be fatal to young children, the elderly and people with poor immune systems but not everyone gets seriously ill. A pest management specialist with the university's cooperative extension says that it is possible others have had it in the past and just didn't know it.

"We could have had it here in the state of Maine but most people that get it unless they have a compromised immune system only get the sniffles," said Jim Dill , "so people that say 'oh, I got one of those two or three day summer colds or fall colds....that's what most people would have for symptoms."

Hunters are encouraged to keep applying bug spray before going into the woods until we've had two solid frosts. That usually gets rid of mosquitos for the year.


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