Thanks for stopping by winter, but it's still Fall

1:13 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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As your weatherman, I aim to this little (baby, itty bitty) Nor'easter is a win/win in my book. It makes snow lovers happy to see a little early season white stuff BUT it keeps the the snow hatas sane to know it's not going to stick around very long.

Last evening's Nor'easter WILL hang around through much of today but, for most of Maine, it'll just be a matter of dealing with some bands of cold rain and a strong north wind. Once the storm moves out this evening, we should recover for a nice Friday and a pleasant-enough weekend.

Today: Temperatures across most of the state now support a cold rain as they hover in the upper 30s. The exception is the mountains and higher foothills where a wintry mix will continue through the day. (By the way, if you are following along at home you may have noticed that it snowed last night at almost exactly the same temperatures that are now producing rain. Why? Because last evening our airmass was super dry, so as the snow fell into the dry air it evaporated on the way down. As this happened the air surrounding the snowflakes cooled down due to the "energy" it takes to evaporate precipitation. The net result is that the surface temperature was in the mid to upper 30s but the column of air directly above the surface was much colder and supported snow. NOW that column has become saturated and evaporation is no longer taking place. So 37 F is a rain temperature, not a snow temperature). With the low pressure system still centered well to our southeast, I expect bands of rain to continue to push in from the Gulf of Maine for the rest of the day with periods of heavy downpours. Additional snow accumulation is a non issue in most spots, the mountains may pick up another inch or so.

Tonight: The storm continues to spin off to the east-northeast so the bands of rain will end by around 10 PM over southern Maine but precipitation will continue through most of the night over northern and Downeast Maine. As temperatures slowly fall some of this "parting shot" precipitation may fall in the form of freezing rain and snow between midnight at 5 be aware of that.

Friday: With the center of the storm quickly racing off to the northeast, I expect a pretty nice Friday for most of us. Downeast will deal with some early snow showers and clouds, but even they will clear out by noon and end up mostly sunny. Statewide sunshine should be in place by the time Friday afternoon rolls around but temperatures will stay down in the 40s with a persistently strong north wind.

High pressure builds in for Saturday but a warm front will be lurking to the west, so instead of mostly sunny I'm more inclined to call it an even mixture of sun and clouds. Either way it will be a fairly pleasant start to the weekend and temperatures will stay on the cool side, mid to upper 40s for highs.

On Saturday night that warm front I just mentioned will kind of sneak into southern and central Maine. It's not a big deal but it could be enough moisture to bring us some showers on Saturday night. Should be all liquid though as temperatures warm up in response to the warm front air mass.

A lingering sprinkle can't be ruled out on Sunday morning, but sunshine should return by Sunday afternoon with temperatures pushing into the mid 50s.

A brief warmup looks likely for Monday and Tuesday with a strong southwest fetch. Highs could crack 60 F across southern Maine.

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