Brighter, Milder Future

4:58 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
Steve McKay
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It's been quite the mess across Maine today, with early snow transitioning to some steady rain across much of the region. Before the rain kicked-in, many communities had about 1-4" of snow on the ground.  Rain is doing a good job washing much of it away this afternoon.
As we head into the evening hours, expect the rain to taper to showers, and after a gloomy start Friday expect increasing amounts of sunshine by mid-day.

Looking ahead, Saturday will shine thanks to high pressure building into the region, with brisk temperatures expected. Changes are on the way for Sunday, as a southerly breeze will begin to bring some milder air into the region.  A northbound warm front will bring some clouds with a few showers on Sunday, then expect a brighter sky for Monday and Tuesday with much milder air on the way (goodbye snow; I'm sure we'll see you a bit later!)

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