Waldoboro's Waltz Pharmacy shutting down

8:07 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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WALDOBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- People in the town of Waldoboro will have to start travelling to get their prescription drugs, because the town's only pharmacy is closing.

Waltz Pharmacy announced this week it will close later this month. The company says the store employs seven people full time, and dispenses more than a thousand prescriptions per week. But company owner Dean Jacobs says Medicaid and private insurance companies have been cutting back the amount they will pay for prescriptions, and that's one of the factors hurting their ability to make a profit.

Jacobs also says he wants to focus full-time attention on the company's growing long term care pharmacy business in Brunswick. Customers in Waldoboro say the store's closing will create a major inconvenience for them, because they will have to travel twenty minutes or more to other towns to get prescriptions. But Waldoboro town officials say they're hoping to find another pharmacy willing to move in.

Town Planning and Development Director Bill Najpauer says he has already contacted two small, independent pharmacies in the state to alert them to the situation in Waldoboro. He says the pharmacy is "an essential service" for the community. Waldoboro has about 5,000 residents, many of them older or low-income. Waltz says the store dispenses more than 1,000 prescriptions each week. Najpauer says, " ...we think this is a great market for someone to come in and re-establish this pharmacy."


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