Maine chestnut tree tallest in the east

6:32 PM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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HEBRON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A big tree contest in Oxford County has turned up what is believed the tallest American chestnut tree in the Eastern part of the U-S.

Roger Crockett and his wife hired a forester to measure this American chestnut tree, located on their property. The tree was found to be 95 feet tall. After the couple enter the dimensions in the contest, a state forester re-measured the tree and confirmed the height.

Most large chestnut trees top out to about 80 feet high. The American Chestnut Foundation says the tree is thought to be the tallest anywhere from Maine to Mississippi. At one time the species comprised nearly a quarter of forest in the North East.

A fungal disease, known as blight, at the turn of the century overtook the trees, wiping out most of the population by the 1950's.

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