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Snowstorm miss = another quiet week

1:21 PM, Nov 26, 2012   |    comments
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Believe it or not, our pattern HAS changed. It's become more active with storms developing down south and at least threatening the Northeast, but for the next 4-5 days, those storms will miss Maine. So now we arrive at the age old question: If a storm misses the woods and no one is around to hear it...?(see what I did there?)

Rest of today: A quick peek at the satellite shows some cloud cover over southern and western Maine, but another peek out the window here in Portland reveals milky sunshine through those clouds. So the bottom line is look for some high, thin clouds over southern Maine through the rest of the day, but the majority of the state is mostly sunny and quiet. High temperatures will end up in the mid 40s over southern Maine, low 40s over central Maine and 30s in the mountains.

Tonight: Mostly clear and cold. Winds settle down and allow for ideal "cooling conditions." That will drop temperatures into the teens in most spots after midnight and single digits will be fairly widespread in the mountains.

Tuesday: As a storm system (the one we were watching for a possible hit before, but I'm now locking down as a 100% miss) sails to our south the cloud cover will extend easily into southern and coastal Maine. The precipitation shield will even get as close as northern MA, but dry air will keep it from advancing any further. So look for mostly cloudy conditions by noon over southern and coastal Maine, but northern and central Maine will actually see a good deal of sunshine as they are further away from the storm system. I can't totally rule out a stray flurry or two making it into southern Maine, but overall this storm is a miss all the way.

Wednesday: A good deal of cloud cover is likely as that storm system will still be offshore hanging around. (The computer models are trying to bring a bunch of sunshine in during the day but I think they are underestimating the cloud cover associated with the storm to our east. So...I will ignore them and assume I'm right) Temperatures will struggle to break 40 F, but it will be an otherwise fairly quiet day.

There is still the possibility a NORLUN/Inverted trough sets up over Downeast on Wednesday night and drops an area of light to moderate snow quickly. However, these type of troughs are notoriously hard to forecast so I'll just leave a 40% chance in for now as it would be a relatively low impact event anyhow.

Windy and cool on Thursday as the storm departs and winds crank out of the northwest behind it.

Northern Maine and the mountains might get clipped with some light snow Thursday night/Friday morning...but otherwise it looks quiet through the rest of the week.

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