Pockets of freezing rain tonight

7:18 PM, Dec 1, 2012   |    comments
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A few items to get today so I'll skip my usual wise guy intro paragraph :-)

Tonight: I'm watching for the possibility of some light freezing rain developing in the next few hours (written at 5:30 PM) and continuing until the early morning. Currently all reports and radar returns are just showing snow falling with no mixing, HOWEVER with cold air at the surface and warm air building aloft the setup is ripe for some icing.

See, the light snow over southern Maine today was a product of something called "overrunning"-warm air aloft running over the top of colder air at the surface. This setup will produce snow as long as the cold layer near the surface is "deep" enough. As that cold air becomes more shallow you end up with a situation in which precipitation is falling as liquid all the way down to the ground and then freezing on contact- AKA freezing rain. The areas most likely to see pockets of freezing rain span from just west of the coastline all the way to the foothills across southern and central Maine. (I've produced a visual representation of under the "Weather Extra" graphic. It's important to note this won't be enough ice to cause any power outages...not even close. The impact tonight will be more in the form of slippery roads and sidewalks. By late tonight the coastline should warm sufficiently to see just plain rain while interior locations remain icy.

Sunday: The warm front responsible for this precipitation will be pushing into northern Maine by Sunday morning. As a result look for relatively mild temperatures south of Bangor with scattered rain showers and mostly cloudy skies. North of Bangor, and particularly north of Millinocket, there will be a period of light snow and sleet during the morning hours before eventually transitioning to rain showers by the afternoon as warm air wins out. High temperatures will push into the upper 40s to low 50s across southern and central Maine, and even mid 40s to the north.

The cold front trailing Sunday's warm front will move through Sunday night with a round of "all-rain" precipitation. There could be a few moderate bursts of rain around 10-11 PM, but otherwise it will just be your typical frontal passage.

We may start with some stubborn cloud cover Monday morning but by midday look for mostly sunny skies to win out and temperatures to really climb. Southern Maine should hit the low 50s pretty easily while even northern parts of the state hit the upper 40s. A good looking day overall and very mild for December (thanks Captain Obvious).

Tuesday will be even warmer with temperatures pushing into the low 50s almost statewide despite increasing afternoon clouds.

Another front comes through Tuesday night but it looks to be mainly rain because...well...it'll be super warm.

Thanks to everyone who supported by Movember cause. We raised over $4,000 for prostate cancer research...and yes, I shaved it off last night :-)




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