Governor tells democrats to stop tracking him

7:14 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The new Maine Legislature starts work on Wednesday, and there's already a scuffle between majority Democrats and Governor LePage.

The Governor today abruptly cancelled a scheduled meeting with Democratic leaders about the budget, saying he's fed up with the Democratic Party always following him with a video camera.

Politicians call it a tracker... a person hired by the political party to follow opposing candidates with a camera and record everything they say. Both parties in Maine and around the country have made extensive user of trackers.

The Democrats sent us tracker video of the Governor at a Veterans Day event. His communications director says it was that event in particular where he didn't like the tracker's presence.

The tracker was at a speech in Rockport this morning and after that the Governor decided to cancel the budget meeting. He says he won't meet with new Democratic leaders unless they tell the party to stop tracking him.

Democratic Party leaders say they won't stop the tracking. They say today's cancellation of the meeting was "an excuse" for the Governor to avoid talking with the new majority party.

Democrats in the Legislature say they're "disappointed" not to have the budget meeting with the Governor, who is expected to issue a budget curtailment order sometime this week.

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