Closing arguments heard in Nelson murder trial

7:33 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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SKOWHEGAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- With closing arguments delivered Tuesday morning inside Somerset County Superior Court, the fate of Robert Nelson of Norridgewock is now in the hands of a judge.

Nelson is accused of killing 60-year-old Everett Cameron of North Anson on October 31, 2009. Prosecutors say he shot Cameron so he could take his prescription drugs.

The state has no murder weapon or D.N.A. evidence against Robert Nelson but in their closing arguments, prosecutors said Tuesday morning the facts of the case show he was the one who pulled the trigger. Nelson admitted he had been buying Oxycodone from Cameron and owed him a small amount of money for pills.

Cameron was battling cancer at the end of his life and selling his painkillers for cash. Several witnesses for the state said they saw Nelson's car parked next to Cameron's truck on Town Farm Road the afternoon of Halloween day 2009. That came minutes before a gunshot was heard.

Cameron's body was found in the truck at about 4 p.m. He had been shot in the head.

Yet Nelson's attorneys claim police were too quick to focus on their client. Cameron had been dealing his pills to other people around Anson and the defense claims that any of his clients could have been motivated to kill him.

Nelson faces up to life in prison if convicted of murder. This is a bench trial with no jury. Justice John Nivison, who is the judge hearing the case will hand down the verdict, which is expected to come sometime this month.

For now Robert Nelson will continue to be held without bail at the Somerset County Jail.


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