Why you should serve lobster during the holidays and all year

7:48 PM, Dec 6, 2012   |    comments
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  • ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It was a tough summer for Maine lobstermen.   The catch was huge, but prices were very low.  That prompted a lot of talk about how the public can help sustain and even bolster this local food source and industry.

    Did you know  lobster is considered one of the world's finest proteins.   And if there was ever a poster child for the Buy Local campaign,  lobster could be it.   One chef in Maine is on a crusade to have people  eat more lobster, especially during the holidays.

    Kerry Altiero os Cafe' Miranda in Rockland was voted Maine's Lobster Chef of the Year at Harborfest.   He is sharing his passion for lobster and an easy recipe he says anyone can make.

     This can be a dinner appetizer for Holiday entertaining or a nice luncheon dish.  Feeds two either as an appetizer or luncheon entrée. 


     · 4 ounces lobster meat. You can cook and pick your own lobster of buy pre picked meat at your local seafood market.


    · 3 Ripe (as you can get them) Roma Tomatoes, halved.


    · 4 ounces Café Miranda Pesto. Available in Local markets, Natural Food and gourmet stores

    · Half of a red onion, sliced.


    · Extra virgin olive oil, have 5+/- ounces at the ready


    · 4 cups picked spinach, washed and lightly oiled.


    · 2-ounces seafood stock. Low salt, natural clam juice can work or if you are picking your lobsters, use the bodies & shells to make a stock or a "Fumet" as we call it.


    · Coarse salt


    · Fresh ground pepper




    In a heavy pan on medium to High heat, add enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan.


    Dredge the tomatoes in the coarse salt &  pepper. Add to the pan, flat side down.  Cover with lid and "Pan Roast".


    As soon as the tomatoes brown and are halfway heated thru, add onions.


    Reduce heat & sauté until "sweated".  (Translucent and sweet smelling)


    Add the lobster, greens and  pesto to pan and cover.


    Heat thru and wilt the spinach.


    Season to taste. Add seafood stock as needed.


    Stir gently and turn out onto a heated plate.


    Finish with additional extra virgin olive oil and cracked pepper.




    Oh, and what shall the beverage be? A bold white or a softer Pinot would work. Add company, some Café Miranda Focaccia bread and let the good holiday times ROLL!


    Cafe Miranda is located at 15 Oak Street in Rockland Maine. We are open 7 days a week for lunch & Supper and for Sunday brunch



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