Wintry mix ends, rain tonight

2:07 PM, Dec 10, 2012   |    comments
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Every once and a while (60% of the time, it works everytime) a storm plays out almost completely according to forecast...this was one of them.

It was a non issue along the coastline with just plain rain, snow over to ice across the interior and now the mid-day break between the warm front and the approaching cold front.


Rest of today: There is a lull in the precipitation over much of the state right now as we sit between the warm front from this morning and the cold front which is still back across Vermont. As a result look for cloudy conditions, some fog and occasional freezing drizzle and just plain drizzle along the coastline. Temperatures are all over the place right now but will uniformly warm up on south to southwest winds by the afternoon.

Tonight: That warming will allow the precipitation associated with the cold front to fall as rain for the vast majority of the state although it won't arrive until 5-6 PM in most spots over western Maine and more like 8-9 PM along the coastline. The only area that could see a little mixing will be far northern Maine, towards Caribou and down to Houtlon...some sleet and freezing rain is in the cards for them. So there will be off and on rain, with a few pockets of downpours, through around 2 AM. After that some cold air will rush in from the west and change the last gasp of this storm back over to snow, particularly in the mountains where they could pick up an inch or two of accumulation.

Tuesday: A morning flurry or sprinkle can't be ruled out along the coastline but after clearing will take place rapidly on downsloping northwest winds. It will be mostly sunny by noon almost statewide, with just a little additional cloud cover possible in the mountains. Temperatures will drop a bit through the afternoon, back into the 30s.

It will be COLD Tuesday night with widespread teens and some single digits over the mountains.

At this point, however, a big ridge of high pressure will build in providing calm and sunny conditions for a few days. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all look mostly sunny to me with temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s for highs. All and all, pretty average.

Our next shot at a storm comes on Sunday night-ish. Right now the details are sketchy since the computer models it's almost 7 days away.

I'll watch it for you. In the meantime, it's about time for you to begin your holiday shopping for me....

I'm a size 16 dress shirt, size smedium polo shirt, and european skinny jean 31 W. K thanks.

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