Webinar answers gay marriage questions

6:49 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Same-sex couples are expected to line up at a number of city and town offices on December 29th when gay marriage becomes legal in Maine. In the meantime, questions about marriage rights and other issues are pouring into advocacy groups.

Equality Maine, the Maine Women's Lobby and the Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders sponsored a webinar in Portland today. An attorney from GLAD fielded a number of questions from folks who are planning to get a marriage license.

 Same-sex couples want to know what will be required for getting a marriage license, how to file tax returns and access a spouse's insurance benefits. One of the most common questions --- if a couple is already legally married in another state, do they have to get married in Maine?

'There are people like myself who are legally married in another state and my marriage is void in Maine. But as of the 29th at midnight I will be a spouse like other spouses, people were confused if I married in Canada or elsewhere do I have to remarry? The answer is no you are married,' said Mary Bonauto, an attorney with GLAD.

If you would like more information on which city and town offices will accepting marriage license applications, you can go to www.equalitymaine.org. If you would like questions or need attorney referrals, you can contact GLAD's Legal InfoLine at 1-800-455-4523 or go to www.glad.org/rights/infoline-contact


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