Snow, Wind, and Coastal Flooding for Thursday; Friday Will be Quiet

4:15 PM, Dec 26, 2012   |    comments
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Alright, here it is...

Winter Storm Warnings are up until Friday across all of Maine and New Hampshire with the exception of far downeast Maine and the New Hampshire Seacoast.

Snow starts late tonight in Southern Maine and in New Hampshire. Looks to be heavy at times. Could see few inches on the ground by daybreak in southern spots. The coast is the tricky part. It looks like it'll stay snow overnight and changeover into a mix along the immediate coastline (I'm talking 5 miles or less inland) by morning. Southern York County could see a bit of changeover slightly farther inland. The rain snow line wavers throughout the day back and forth so don't be surprised to see a bit of everything. Downeast Maine will be lacking on the snowfall amounts as well as you head inland.

Over 10 -15 miles inland, foothills, mountains, and northern Maine, this will be all snow for you. Enjoy. We're talking significant accumulations. Think about 10+ inches by the time it's all done.

Winds will be another huge issue. Heavy wet snow along the coast, plus winds gusting to as high as 50mph at times will be causing some power outages. Roads will basically be a mess Thursday so take it easy out there.

Another problem will be high tide on Thursday morning which happens at 10:15am in Portland. There will be splashover, coastal flooding, and beach erosion as well. the National Weather Service has issued a coastal flood advisory for the southern Maine and New Hampshire coasts.

Things start to wrap up by late Thursday night/early Friday morning from southwest to northeast.

Friday will be quiet with a few snow showers early and high temperatures in the low to mid 30s.

Stay safe and warm. Enjoy the snow.

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