Cold but also quiet

6:52 PM, Jan 1, 2013   |    comments
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I hope everyone had a pleasant and safe New Year's Eve. I, personally, chose the old man route of eating Chinese food and watching the ball drop on TV with my lovely wife. (By the way, what is up with hosts for the NYE shows? It's a national program, watched by millions, during prime time, and somehow the networks end up scraping the bottom of the barrel for C listers like Kathy Griffin, Carson Daly and Jenny Mccarthy. Jenny Mccarthy?! Seriously? You know it's bad when Ryan Seacrest not only didn't make my list of shame, but also looked like the Casanova of the night).

Tonight: Mostly clear and cold. Temperatures began tumbling around noon as cold air spilled in from Canada, and that trend will continue overnight. It's hard to put a reasonable range on the overnight lows due to the size of the state so let's just say 4-9 F along the coastline, -1 to 5 across the interior and -5 F or lower in the mountains and across northern Maine. Winds will be fairly gusty through around midnight and then should settle down during the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and chilly. Highs will stay in the upper teens to low 20s for most of us with a biting west to northwest wind. There MAY be a few snow showers breaking out over western Maine and mountains around noon as the computer models indicate a weak upper level disturbance trying to swing through. I'm not concerned by any means, but just be aware you could see a few flakes if you are in the ME/NH border area to the west.

Wednesday Night: Another bitterly cold evening. Mostly clear skies and, if anything, temperatures a bit colder than tonight. Look for lows in the -15 to -10 range in the mountains, -5 F range for the interior and low single digits along the coast.

More sun and chilly temperatures for Thursday with highs in the upper teens to low 20s once again.

Some snow shower activity is possible on Friday but that's about it for next 4-5 days. Our pattern has shifted for a bit. Last week the jet stream was all "dug out" and brought big storm systems up the eastern seaboard at us. Now the flat, west to east, polar jet stream has taken over, such that only weak little disturbances will trickle into Maine from Canada.

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