EMMC asks visitors, staff to stay home if they have flu symptoms

6:55 PM, Jan 10, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Eastern Maine Medical Center says it's seen a steady flow of people coming into the ER seeking treatment for influenza. Donna Dunton, director of infection prevention and control is urging people to get vaccinated if they haven't already, to wash their hands, and cover their coughs. She is also urging people to stay home if they're sick.

"To prevent transmission of influenza it's really important to isolate yourself and the whole discussion around social distancing. If you have fever, cough, stay out of the grocery store send someone else there stay out of the public as much as you possibly can," Dunton said.

Dunton says people with severe symptoms like high fevers, dehydration or persistent coughs, and also people with underlying medical conditions should seek treatment at the hospital, but otherwise healthy people should  stay at home, get rest, and drink plenty of fluids.  EMMC is also recommending people stay at home for five days to ensure they don't spread the virus. Saint Joseph Hospital in Bangor is also asking staff and visitors to stay home if they're sick.  


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