Local home provides hope for young women

7:55 PM, Jan 20, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Many young girls facing pregnancy find themselves scared and alone with few places to turn. The Shepard's Godparent Home offers young women a place to call home and prepare to become a mother.

Former resident Gabby McCannon came to the Godparent Home when she was pregnant, homeless, and only 17-years old.

McCannon said, "They accepted everything in complete totality. They were like OK this is your situation, we are not judging, we still want you to come and we want to help take care of you and want you to take care of yourself."

Her daughter is one of over 60 babies born through the home. They prepare young women to become mothers and offer educational courses. They are provided with food, shelter, and education for free.

Executive Director, Barbara Ford, has been working with the Godparent House for over a decade. According to her, many young women turn their lives around, but some are pulled down the wrong path after leaving the home.

In August, they saw this happen to a former resident, Nicolle Lugdon, one of the three people found dead in a Bangor car fire.

Ford said, "She made a lot of life changes while she lived in the home that were really positive. Unfortunately, when she left the home and didn't have that support she got involved with some things that put herself at risk and ultimately led to her death."

Ford and the others involved with the Godparent Home want to build a transition home to continue their work with the young women after the baby is born.

"A transition home provides women with the opportunity not to return to a situation that is dangerous or in a social setting that may put them or their baby at risk," explained Ford.

The proposed home would be called Nikki's Hope. It would offer an extra place to keep young women from harm and serve as a memory of Nikki.

"She was everyone's cheerleader and so I think the home is that. It's a place where they will be supported and loved and someone is going to be cheering them on and supporting them...and that is Nikki's hope."

The Sheperd's Godparent Home helps pregnant girls 13 to 28 years old. They rely completely on donations and fundraisers. The building and completion of Nikki's Hope will rely on those same donations.

Information on the home and how you can help is available on The Sheperd's Godparent website and Facebook page.  

Donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 616, Bangor, ME 04402-0616.














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