Zumba trial expected to get underway Thursday

7:24 PM, Jan 23, 2013   |    comments
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ARUNDEL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It now appears the trial for one of the main defendants in the Kennebunk prostitution case will get underway Thursday. Thomaston businessman Mark Strong is charged with promotion of prostitution and violation of privacy. In all he's facing 59 counts.

Whittling down the jury pool to just 12 with 2 alternates has been a slow and methodical process that has taken two full days now. The case has been the focus of international attention.

Prosecutors allege Mark Strong helped finance the prostitution operation out of a Zumba studio for instructor Alexis Wright. He is also accused of setting up the video cameras to record the clients. Wright is expected to go on trial in May.

All of the potential jurors were asked to fill out a questionnaire asking if they've heard about the investigation of Strong, Wright and numerous johns who have plead guilty in connection with the case. They were also asked questions about prostitution and whether or they think it should be legalized in Maine. They were also asked about pornography and if they would have a problem viewing it as part of this trial.

Mark Strong and his attorney Dan Lilley appeared on the Today show this morning. Strong despite the possibility of fines and jail time if he's convicted he is not resentful.

We do expect opening statements by the attorneys will be delivered to jurors tomorrow.

In that questionnaire we mentioned it says the trial may involve three weeks of testimony lasting through February 8th asking potential jurors if that length of time would pose a hardship for them.


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