Former Speaker Pat Colwell and brother release new music CD

7:24 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--2 Brothers from the Gardiner area have released a new CD. One of them you may remember from his days in the Maine Legislature as Speaker of the House.

Pat and Bob Colwell take their music very serious. The Colwell boys have been making music together since in 1979. Now after a few detours and performing with other bands, the brothers are releasing their 2nd CD, Guilty Pleasures.

Pat says, "I think what we do is what we've always done. Blues, soul, it's roots, we dig in and get the roots and leave the dirt on them and that's really what the Colwell brothers do. Joust honest American music."

Bob says, when they recorded the CD they tried to keep the music fresh and real by not using a lot of studio tricks. He says,"Working in the studio these days you know there's overdubs and people do 25 vocal takes and piece it all together and we kept our first takes on all or pretty much all the vocals and original stuff. I don't think we did any overdubs." "And often", Pat says," the first cut has got the most soul in it."

 The brothers say they are having a blast performing together again. Pat took a break from music a few years back when he was a state Rep for 8 years. The last 2 he was speaker of the house.

Bob Said,"There was a period, a kind of dark period, we don't generally talk about it where my brother went in to politics. But he got better." Pat says,"There's better training for singing the blues then politics."

The Colwell Brothers new CD is available at Bull Moose music and online at CD and Itunes.









































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