Jobs will go unfilled at Acadia should sequestration happen

7:36 PM, Feb 26, 2013   |    comments
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ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Unless Congress and the president take action, automatic federal spending cuts will kick on Friday and that is now causing concern at one of the most scenic spots in Maine.

Acadia National Park will have to absorb about $390,000 in budget cuts if sequestration happens on Friday. Officials at the park say they have come up with a plan to deal with the reductions. Six full time jobs at the park that are now vacant would remain unfilled. Those positions are for three tour guides, the water and air quality supervisor at Acadia and two maintenance workers, one of whom is the park's only plumber.

"We're able to achieve much of our 5 percent cut by not filling those positions," said deputy park superintendent Len Bobinchock, "however...that's great on paper but it's not realistic to think that we can leave those positions vacant. Several of those positions are very..very critical."

In all the National Park Service is facing $218 million in cuts because of sequestration. It's also in the midst of a hiring freeze which means right now Acadia can't hire seasonal workers for the summer.


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