Twin Cities clean up after slushy storm

2:38 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Lewiston Auburn area was expected to be one of the areas with the most snow acculumation Thursday, but what started as snow turned out to be mostly slush for the Twin Cities.

"This is just a pain," said David Jones, Director of Lewiston Public Works.

"During a blizzard, you can stay in the truck pretty much and just plow and keep the stuff going," said Jones. "A lot of this stuff is just hand work and getting out in the wet mess."

The main roads were clear from slush by mid-morning, but the clean up was just beginning in some Lewiston neighborhoods.

"It's a very wet heavy snow and it's melting," said Richard Bannister, as he used his snowblower to clear his Lewiston driveway.

He said he also had plans to clean the snow off of his roof, following the advice from Maine Emergency Management Agency officials.

MEMA has advised people to clear roofs, vents, and outside heating oil tanks after this storm that brought heavy snow.

In Lewiston, the Director of Public Works is asking people to clear slush away from catch basins on the streets so the water can drain properly on the roads.

"This is a sloppy mess and it's tough to get rid of," said Jones.


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